Corporate Social Responsibility Projects

We partner with energy related companies to achieve their Corporate Social Investment (CSI) objectives by initiating and supporting related social projects with an energy focus yet tailored to meet the specific socio-economic needs of associated local communities. This involves the facilitation of access to sustainable energy solutions as well as addressing local socio-economic needs.

In supporting energy companies to meet their CSI objectives, we provide needs analyses and social viability assessments to determine and capture the short and long-term social impact opportunities of these energy infrastructure projects. 

Benefits include: job creation, skills development, education and training opportunities, tertiary and leadership programs as well as enterprise business development programs. The outcome of which address the need to develop local technical skills, create jobs and encourage entrepreneurship as well as address the broader issues of gender inequality. 

We aim to be the “go-to” foundation partner for energy related companies in Africa enabling them to meet any aspect of their social responsibility agenda.

EMESCO Foundation Projects

We partner with other NPO projects within the broader areas of education, health, skills development and conservation where energy related technology will further enhance positive social impact in related local communities. We partner with NPO’s to provide energy specific support in the achievement of their unique project goals.

To focus on energy related infrastructure, technology and/or support that will address issues of socio-economic improvement and upliftment in local communities in Africa, in particular, focus on improving educational resources, skills development and employment opportunities as well as encourage entrepreneurship and enterprise development.


Energy Specific, 

SDG Driven,  Africa Focused

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